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Pet Small Animals for Sale

Pet Lion Head Rabbits For Sale


Pet Lion Head Rabbits For Sale

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Product Description

Lion Head Rabbit is a friendly, social, good natured and well mannered rabbit.This breed is energetic, affectionate and absolutely loves to play. They make wonderful family pets for children and adults as they love to be picked up, held and petted. Their small sizes make them wonderful apartment dwellers and a great pet for homes so long as they have plenty of time out of their enclosures. They are very tolerant and easy to train.

Size: An average adult sized Lion head should weigh approximately 3lbs (1.36kg), although the maximum weight for show requirements is that of 3lb. In other words, their size is similar to that of most small-breed rabbits, yet a bit bigger than most of the dwarf sized ones. has a wool mane circling around their head much like a lion’s mane, hence their name. They have a high head mount, a compact body which should not exceed 3 1/2 lbs. and ears between 2-3 inches in length.

Temperament & Personality: They are even temperaments and sweet nature also makes them perfect pets for couples, singles, seniors or retirees who would like some furry companionship.

Activity Requirements: They enjoy roaming around their designated rabbit room area, chasing humans around playfully and having plenty of toys they can chew and balls they can play with. so they can play and bond with their human family.

Cage Requirements: Their indoor enclosure should be made of wire, be large enough for them to stretch out in and have one or two toys and have a plastic bottom. The bottom should be laid with good quality bedding that is cleaned every day and completely replaced every week.

Diet: should consist mainly of 70 percent. Their diet also should consist of pellets and rabbit safe fruits, leafy greens and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables can also be used as incentives or treats and rewards. Adult rabbits can eat about 1/4 cup of high-fiber pellets everyday for every 5 lbs. they weigh, so keep that in mind when feeding your Lion head, as they are relatively small.

Grooming Requirements: brushing him daily from getting tangles in his mane. Grooming your lionhead rabbit helps to distribute its natural body oils to keep his skin healthy, shiny, and soft. Hey is a necessary in the diest to help teeth from overgrowing.

Colors: The ARBA took their time with officially recognizing the Lion head rabbit, as there are so many different color variations. The accepted the varieties of Tortoise the Ruby Eyed White,
Tortoise, Blue, Black, Chocolate, Lilac

History:The Lionhead rabbit’s origin started in Belgium when breeders decided to mate a Swiss Fox with a Netherland Dwarf. The result was a rabbit with a genetic mutation causing wool to appear around the head and on the flanks and it became known as the “mane” gene. In 2013 the Lion head was accepted as a recognized breed by ARBA in two varieties: Tortoise and Ruby-Eyed White.

Origin: Belgium
Hypoallergenic: No
Life span: 7 to 9 years
Temperament: Friendly, affectionate, energetic, friendly, social,good natured, well mannered, trainable and tolerant
Weight: 3lbs
Colors: Ruby Eyed White, Tortoise, Blue, Black, Chocolate, Lilac

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