Today is International Rabbit Day! 

When you think of pets you might think of cuddly fur babies, and bunnies might come to mind. Bunnies get a lot of attention in the Spring, but they are so well loved by pet enthusiasts around the globe that every 4th Saturday in September is dedicated to International Rabbit Day!

Did you know that 50% of the global rabbit population is found in North America? Rabbits make great pets! Rabbits also enjoy their romance and breed quickly, so care and planning is needed to ensure your pet bunny or rabbit is healthy and happy.

Many pet enthusiasts are drawn to the many movies and books with rabbit characters such as The Velveteen Rabbit, so take a look to our offerings of Angora bunnies, Lion Head bunnies, Holland Lop-eared bunnies, and Blanc De Hotot bunnies, and one of them might just hop your way as your new found friend and pet bunny! 


California Small Animal Considerations:

While we know many of our customers love their small furry companion pet animals, we want to advise you on some small pet animals restrictions in the state of California. In particular, it may surprise you but pet gerbils are not legal in California. We apologize that we are unable to ship these furry friends to you. As always, it is best to become well informed on the laws governing your state before purchasing any companion pets online.